Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Executive Committee 2017-2018

Our team is glad to serve you.

Club President 
Peh Zhi Rui

Vice President Education (I) 
Charlston Low

Vice President Education (II) 
Oscar Zhu

Vice President Membership (I) 
Ong Ching Kang

Vice President Membership (II) 
Edwin Por

Vice President Public Relations (I)
Poon Yoke Lin

Vice President Public Relations (II)
Daniel Chua

Frederick Kok

Rachel Won

Sergeant at Arms (I)
Anthony Kwek

Sergeant at Arms (II)
Tan Siew Peng

Club Advisor
Ang Swee Tiong

Monday, April 24, 2017

SPATMC's 151st Chapter Meeting on 19th April 2017

Hi friends of SP Alumni Toastmasters Club,

Here is an update on what's up at our club! 😀

Our fellow toastmasters who play the roles of listeners, speakers, leaders 👀👂👄

Our Language Evaluator, Visiting Toastmaster Tong Lee presenting the Word of the Day! 💬

Prepared Speeches session

Our Club President presenting awards to our members for their Marvellous and Captivating Table Topic Speeches 👐  #synergy
Our President presenting a closing address to end off the meeting before he goes forward to serve the nation~💂

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our Executive Committee 2016/2017

Our team is glad to serve you.

Club President 
Ong Ching Kang

Vice President Education
Peh Zhi Rui

Vice President Membership(I) 
Maggie Wei Jing

Vice President Membership(II) 
Poon Yoke Lin

Vice President Public Relations
Cheryl Lai

Charlston Low

Frederick Kok

Sergeant at Arms 
Daniel Chua

Immediate Past President 
Winson Lim  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SPATMC's 134th Chapter Meeting on 20th April 2016

Hi everyone!

Here is a recap of our most recent chapter meeting. With the theme: fool or be fooled, we were all set to be captivated or enthrall others with our speeches.

Best Table Topics Speaker award goes to CC, CL Ong Ching Kang

Best Prepared Speech Speakers awarded to both DTM Winson Lim and ACB, CL Poon Yoke Lin
Best Evaluator award goes to Toastmaster Monica Tong

Thank you Toastmasters for the fun evening!

SPATMC's 132nd and 133rd Chapter Meeting


Here's a throwback to our 132nd meeting on 16th March 2016 and 133rd meeting on 6th April 2016.

For our 132nd meeting, we had the theme "Freedom of Information", where we start off the meeting sharing what is the most recent information we found interesting and our thoughts on it. We found out much more information and insights from each others' sharing!

We proceeded to our table topics session, which had different types of topics such as education, money and technology for each speaker to choose from.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Lynda Neo, ACS, ALS

Next, we had our prepared speech session where 4 eager speakers took to the stage by storm.

Best Speaker: Toastmaster Duncan Gray

For our 133rd meeting, it was themed Declaration of War. We shared what we would like to declare war with, with passion and determination but not violence!

Our table topics session was filled with quotes by Oscar Wilde, which challenged the table topics speakers interpretation skills and wit.

 We had two best table topics speakers for that meeting!

Best Table Topics Speakers: Lynden Pung, CC, ALB (far left in the picture) and Takalah Tan, ACB 

We also had two best prepared speech speakers that evening.

Best Speakers: Toastmaster Peh Zhi Rui (far left in the picture) and Ong Ching Kang, CC, CL

And a best evaluator!

Best Evaluator: Lynden Pung, CC, ALB

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our International Speech & Table Topics Contest!

The day we have been preparing for has finally arrived! 9th March marked our annual ISTT contest, an event where only the fittest will triumph. The winner/s of this club contest will then represent our club and qualify to enter the next round. He/She will compete in the Area contest on 26th March, where he/she get the chance to pit against winners from other clubs.

Group Photo! :)
Thank you all the judges and appointment holders for specially coming down to help out!

Let's wait no further...the results are out!

For the International Speech Contest!
The 1st Runner-up goes to...
CC Ong Ching Kang
 And the Champion goes to...
Toastmaster Cheryl Lai
For the Table Topics Contest!

The 2nd Runner-up goes to...
Toastmaster Peh Zhi Rui

The 1st Runner-up goes to...
CC Ong Ching Kang
The Champion goes to...
DTM Winson Lim
It was indeed a grand and fulfilling day, where everyone left with memorable lessons learnt, trophy, certificate and/or even a token of appreciation :)

All the best to our members in the upcoming contests! :D

SPATMC's 131st Chapter Meeting on 17th February

Hello! February meeting pictures are out :)
This meeting was more challenging with a Project 4 speech on our theme Love, 3 Advanced Project speeches and a General Evaluator (yes, we haven't had one in quite a while).

Other than gaining a deeper understanding of love, our meeting was filled with warmth, from learning about: rights regarding LPA, recap on how to do evaluations and being thankful.

Here are some pictures of the winners for your viewing pleasure :D

Best Prepared Speech awarded to ACB, CL Poon Yoke Lin  

Best Evaluator awarded to CC Kingsley Seah

Best Table Topics awarded to CC Chen Xiao Na