Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Testimonials from our members

"Pay the cost of learning, or pay the price for not learning."
"In Toastmasters, the time and effort that I invested in are definitely rewarding. From a trembling speaker, I have improved to be a better communicator and a better listener. In term of my life, it has helped a lot in my career and has also built up my self-confidence."
- Edwin Por

"Toastmasters has made me a different person! It has given me the confidence to go up to people I don't even know and start talking to them about anything. I rarely get nervous anymore doing speeches and my speaking abilities continue to improve drastically. The one thing that has help me understand people, is Toastmasters. As an officer, you learn so many things that a book will never be able to teach you. If you want to become a better manager, become an officer. Thanks!"
- Kelvin Leong

"Though a Lecturer cum Consultant of the Singapore Polytechnics, I find a lot of things to learn and experience in joining the SP Toastmasters Club. Lecturing and Consultancy Works require me to communicate with my students and clients on my specialisties which have been done for years. I find them not an issue to talk about them. And no one really dares to tell me what are the wrongs about my language, my grammars, my gestures, my voice, my behaviors, my facial expression, my way of telling people, my uses of words, my speech speed, my giving of examples, etc. After joining the Toastmasters, I found more confidence to communicate with people and have great improvement in telling people anything and working with others. Toastmasters has great program to develop your personality and communication skills."
- Anthony Kwek

"Joining Toastmasters has helped me to re-discover my love for public speaking, and developed my confidence in voicing out my opinions and thoughts. Prior to Toastmasters, I used to shun away when I'm asked for opinions. It was such an agonizing experience that it caused my mind to go blank and I found myself scrambling to organize my thoughts and to get the words out from within me. However the experiences gained from impromptu speaking at Toastmasters have given me the courage to speak up at work. I'm still learning, and there's definitely room for improvement. But the beauty of being in Toastmasters is that it allow me to practice this and grow from the feedback given by other fellow Toastmasters members."
- Cheryl Beh

"Since I started my Sales profession 10 years ago, making a proper presentation without stammer is always my No 1 fear of all. Even though I had attended several External Seminars on Selling or Presentation Skills, It does not help me much in my area of work. Until one day, I decided to attend a presentation by Singapore Polytechnic Toastmasters Club sometimes in Aug 2005 last year which was during one of their Chapter Meeting and it really changes my life! Now, I am able to stand in front of the audience and speak & communicate with confidence. I am currently preparing for my project #5 and I am sure more to come. Oh…Yes! Thanks!"
- Anthony Ong

"If learning is the way for a man to know more about himself, then Toastmasters is a learning, unlearn and relearn process. Thru the meetings, I learn about how important toilet roll is. I relearn about the miracle healer is our own body. I learn that if we continue to search, there will be nowhere for us to find what we want but it is now here. It is something that we overlook till someone tell us about. Thru the preparation of speeches, I gain knowledge of how important sleep is. I rediscover the simplicity of water. Thru the Evaluation of speeches, I learn that it takes a lot to listen before we can talk."
- Winson Lim

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