Monday, July 2, 2007

Club's Installation Night

The old term has ended and embracing the new and exciting term, 1 Jul 07 - 30 Jun 08. Let's move forward and bring Singapore Polytechnic Toastmasters Club to the next level - cultivating an Exciting and Enriching learning environment with
Enthusiastic members participating!

Yes, we have come so far, it is our 3rd installation night since 2005. We may be a relatively young club but our team spirit is strong! Every heart is filled with the passion and commitment, with these, we are able to make good progress through a small step, day after day.

As the Gavel is passed from hand to hand, our hearts are filled with thrills and motivations. We have touched one another by saying our sincere pledge "I will". Together we have come this far, let us continue to hold on, be each and everyone's pillar!

Yes, we are ready to serve each and every member of this club.

Executive Committee 2007-2008

Passing the gavel to our new club president.

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