Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Join us for our 84th Chapter Meeting tomorrow 18th April, from 7pm - 9.30pm!

We are now at the Singapore Polytechnic InnoVillage@SP perched on a hilltop.
Call any of the ex-co members if you are not able to locate us.
There is a short youtube video clip on our main page.

if you are arriving for the first time, please email us at sptoastmasters@gmail.com, more info will be send to you before your arrival. Cheers.

We hope to see you there!

We all stutter once in a while, especially when we are giving our first speech or speaking in front of a huge audience. It is an inevitable and difficult problem to live with. In fact, stuttering on daily conversations do occur! Frequent stuttering could be diminishing for both your morale, and your wallet. It could result in low confidence and hence, affecting your career!

So save yourself and your wallet! Learn how to stop stuttering with the tips below:

1. Think before you speak. Stuttering happens when you are trying to think what you want to say next. Have you ever stuttered when you are singing? No! Because we know what comes next in the lyrics!

2. Speak on the exhale. Get a deep breathe, and speak. When we speak while holding our breathe, we tend to rush through the sentences, resulting in stuttering.

3. Join Toastmasters :) Practice makes perfect. At Toastmasters, we try to perfect our practise.

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