Monday, May 14, 2012

Singapore Polytechnic TMC 85th Chapter Meeting


Join us for our 85th Chapter Meeting tomorrow 16th May, from 7pm - 9.30pm!

We are now at the Singapore Polytechnic InnoVillage@SP perched on a hilltop.
Call any of the ex-co members if you are not able to locate us.
There is a short youtube video clip on our main page.

if you are arriving for the first time, please email us at, more info will be send to you before your arrival. Cheers.

We hope to see you there!

What to do when you are stumped for an answer? What to say when your boss raised a question to you? All of us face these scenarios which make us feel naked. Our mind went blank as we could only muster an "Errrr" in the face of tough questions posed by our lecturers at school, superiors at work or even children at home! Escaping doesn't work! It only harms your credibility. So what to do???

Before you start vexing over the question raised, stay calm and follow the below tips:

1. Do you understand what is the question asking about? It is perfectly alright to spend a few seconds to think through that question before answering. If you are still unsure, there is no harm in confirming the question with the other party.

2. Now that you understand the question, you need some time to think..? Tick tock tick tock. Nobody will be patient  enough to give you 1 minute to answer a question. Well, buy yourself time! Repeat the question, talk about anything related to the question but keep it open! For example:

A: Do you think social media is good?
B: media is quite vague....Consist of a few platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace etc etc with a vast network. 

You see? B gave a reply which buy him some time! Try not to dwell into details else it will be tough to get back on track.

3. Hopefully by now, you have bought yourself some time. Your train of thoughts should be coming too. And all we lack is a format! We don't want messy answers because it makes you uncredible! Organise your answer with an opening, body and end. State your point of view, buff it up with examples and stories, and finally reinforce your point of view. Or perhap you can do in chronological order! A seuqence of events happen, ending with the finale! While there are no fix format, just make sure that your answer is LOGICAL AND SMOOTH! 

So......seems a bit difficult? Trust me. All you need are practices! A Toastmaster for a year, I am still practising, and improving.

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