Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2012

Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2012 has been organised and held successfully on 21 Aug 2012 at InnoVillage, Level 2, Event Space 2. We have 6 participants for Humourous Speech Contest and 7 participants for Evaluations Contest.

Here are our memorable moments taken at the contest.
Our Contest Chair, Shawn Chew

Frederick Kok shares with us his tips on how to be a honest man skillfully.

Winson Lim, despite he was sick, still did his best at the contest.

Gao Zheng Kun, first time took part in the contest. Kudos to him.

Rachel Won made her point to her attentive audience.

Expressive Edwin Por

A minute of Silence for the Judges

Judges busy marking their ballots

Drum roll.. Please!
Humourous Speech Champion - Edwin Por

Humourous Speech 1st Runner Up - Frederick Kok

Humourous Speech 2nd Runner up - Anthony Kwek

Evaluation Champion - Anthony Kwek

Evaluation 1st Runner Up - Edwin Por

Evaluation 2nd Runner Up - Swee Tiong

Congrats to the Winners!

Many thanks to our fellow Toastmasters and guests support and made our Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2012 a success!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Singapore Polytechnic Toastmasters Club 88th Chapter Meeting

Do you know that in every Toastmasters Chapter Meeting, we have Word of the Day?

The purpose behind choosing the Word of the Day is to introduce club members, fellow toastmasters and guests to a new word. This word becomes familiar to us and a part of our vocabulary after repeating it in the meeting.

Words we speak, plays an important role in our daily life. We may pick a fight with people around us when we used the inappropriate words to cause unnecessary misunderstanding OR We can choose to empower people around us.

Picking the right word for a speech or during our communication is crucial. Of course, once a month meeting may not be as effective as you spot new words everyday. It helps to kick start on the usage of vocabulary which you want to improve.

It is a good idea to record positive words as you come across them in your daily reading that may include newspapers, magazines, blogs and memos. Over time, this record you have created can serve as helpful place to find motivating, encouraging and effective words.

I proposed to try our Word of the Day as many times as possible, so that the word becomes familar to you. Thus you will remember this new word. If you are keen to know more about what Toastmasters movement can provide you with other the benefits, kindly join in our  88th chapter meeting.

Just to share our Toastmasters International President Michael Notaro's quote:
"Toastmasters provides a learning laboratory where you can enlarge your potential for advancement, promotion and success."

You will receive laughter, fun and most importantly, nuggets of wisdom :) Come and see for yourself!

Date: 15 Aug 2012, Wednesday
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: SP InnoVillage, Level 3, Conference Room
Dress code: Causal Smart