Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A moment to remember

We are featured in SP Alumni Magazine in July 2012!

Below is article was written by SP Alumni and recite on one of the memorable Toastmasters Chapter Meetings which has delivered.

Held on the 21 December 2011, The Toastmasters 80th Chapter Meeting was an extraordinary meeting. It was a day to celebrate the Christmas festivities and also the final meeting for 2011.

Club members fervently shared on the table topic, "You can never be poor when you keep giving', coinciding with the festive spirit of giving while celebrating. During the evening proceedings, they welcomed a new member, a first year student at SP. The meeting continued with members enjoying festive delicacies and ended on a joyous note  with a gift exchange.

"2011 was a wonderful year for SP Toastmasters Club," said Ms Poon Yoke Lin, Club President for term 2011/2012. "At SP Toastmasters Club, we not only shared and learned from our members; we are benefited by regular exchanges with experienced toastmasters from other clubs, which helped expand our learning horizons.

2011 was a fruitful year with great support from the Alumni. I believe 2012 and subsequent years will be even more rewarding."

SP Toastmasters Club welcomes all students and alumni to join the club and wishes everyone a wonderful 2012.

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