Saturday, December 29, 2012

7th Years of Friendship

There is an urban saying, "七年之痒" The 7th year itch means that an urge to commit something different. Indeed, we had our FIRST BBQ Outing At Labrador park at one of the fine Saturday morning on 17 November 2012 to celebrate our SPTMC 7th Anniversary.

May you enjoy the photo journey with us even if you didn't attend that day.

Lovely Shelter at Labrador with party decorations.

Our Cosy Little Corner makes us feel at home.

Welcome Banner handmade by Rachel

BBQ Food ordered by BBQ Wholesale, efficient and well packed. However, some of the food is too salty.

Eugene, Paullyn and the girls set the ball rolling...

The children starts to make their barbaqued mushmellow.

Yoke Lin is brave enough to try the first bbq chicken wing. "Don't worry, it's cooked." She said.

While waiting for other the chicken wings to be fully cooked, let's take a photo.

Even Eugene can't wait to make his own bbq mushmellow!

This is the qualified BBQ Mushmellow's look.. according to Winson's rule of thumb

Many of us try to get the "Qualified" BBQ Mushmellow

Waiting for the Food

Swee Tiong and Rachel are finding ways to get our best BBQ Wings!

Satays and Stingrays

More food were coming on our way

What time is it? It's Makan Time!

Yummy homecooked Food prepared by our members

Despite all the BBQ food, we do have healthy food as well. Life is about balance :)

The sweet dessert, Almond Jelly Logan is well recieved by our members

Builds bonding and connections with our members, family and friends

Get together

Zheng Kun and his Girlfriend

Rain came and we went to our cosy shelter. Luckily, we had canvas to cover us.

Despite of the rain, we still enjoy ourselves under the rain.

Not just us having fun, the kids also enjoy themselves. Having foot spa and enjoying their food at the same time.

Celebrating Swee Tiong's birthday and SPTMC 7th Anniversary at the same time

Happy Birthday to Swee Tiong... May you be well and healthy

Another heartwarming group photo and home sweet home

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