Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SPATMC's 132nd and 133rd Chapter Meeting


Here's a throwback to our 132nd meeting on 16th March 2016 and 133rd meeting on 6th April 2016.

For our 132nd meeting, we had the theme "Freedom of Information", where we start off the meeting sharing what is the most recent information we found interesting and our thoughts on it. We found out much more information and insights from each others' sharing!

We proceeded to our table topics session, which had different types of topics such as education, money and technology for each speaker to choose from.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Lynda Neo, ACS, ALS

Next, we had our prepared speech session where 4 eager speakers took to the stage by storm.

Best Speaker: Toastmaster Duncan Gray

For our 133rd meeting, it was themed Declaration of War. We shared what we would like to declare war with, with passion and determination but not violence!

Our table topics session was filled with quotes by Oscar Wilde, which challenged the table topics speakers interpretation skills and wit.

 We had two best table topics speakers for that meeting!

Best Table Topics Speakers: Lynden Pung, CC, ALB (far left in the picture) and Takalah Tan, ACB 

We also had two best prepared speech speakers that evening.

Best Speakers: Toastmaster Peh Zhi Rui (far left in the picture) and Ong Ching Kang, CC, CL

And a best evaluator!

Best Evaluator: Lynden Pung, CC, ALB